Hybrid space

Find out more about how green, blue, and grey infrastructure intertwine and what are their benefits. We help nature grow with meaning in the built environment. Let’s find a place for nature in the cities.

Key characteristic

Green roofs can reduce 60-70% of stormwater volume comparing to conventional roofs, which helps reduce flood risk reduction.

Key characteristic

Green walls can reduce noise from 3 to 5 dBA (measurement of sound) per m2.

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Find out more about how hybrid spaces can help urban systems, how they work with different challenges and interact with diverse stakeholders.

Impact ranking 

  1. Wellbeing
  2. Water flow management
  3. Water quality mitigation
  4. Biodiversity 
  5. Air Pollution Removal
  6. Heat mitigation
  7. Carbon sequestration 
  8. Noise mitigation  


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