Hybrid space

Other public space


Main purpose:


Services delivered:
Water flow management, Water quality mitigation, Air pollution removal

Position of NBS in the city:


Other public space is mainly civic area designed for specific uses (not primarily leisure). Examples of other public spaces in the function of nature-based solutions are allotments, city farms, adopted public spaces, and cemeteries. These solutions can offer many other services to society,  health sectors, ecosystems, local economies, tourism, and recreation.

For example, urban gardens have the main function of food production, but they can also reduce the urban heat island effect, flood events, improve air quality and host wildlife. Also, many European cemeteries are dominated by greenery and have positive effects on the environment that match city parks or meadows.

Relevant facts

The figures that speak change!


British cemetery of Keryra hosts more than 30  orchid species and it has new species discovered as well.


Urban farming can create between 2 to 5 direct green jobs per acre of an urban farm.