Hybrid space

Amenity areas

Main purpose:

Amenity uses for recreation or education

Services delivered
Wellbeing, Water flow management, Water quality mitigation

Position in the city:
Mostly in dense urban areas near existing facilities


Amenity areas are located near residential or commercial units with the main purpose of providing local recreational space or shared recreation spaces. They are designed for specific private to public use, mainly for physical activity or education. They can include sports fields, schoolyards, playgrounds and shared open spaces.

They can have many other co-benefits such as water flow management and water quality control, air quality enhancement, and social features as education and recreation.

Relevant facts

The figures that speak change!


The Netherlands uses sports field Watersquare for flood control, it can retain up to 1,703,435 liters of stormwater.


Turning 0.5 ha of asphalt into a rain playground can benefit to storing up to 4.164 m3 of stormwater each year.