Blue space

Nature-based solutions make use of water to offer a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to conventional grey solutions in the cities. Find out how systemic approaches to water management can improve general wellbeing, water quality and reduce water-related risks in urban areas. Blue spaces include restored wetlands, streams, rivers, canals, lakes, and ponds.

Key characteristic

According to the Urban Nature Navigator saltmarsh can store up to 36.1 (kg carbon per m2) of carbon.

Key characteristic

According to Urban river restoration booklet renewing the connection of floodplain channels can reduce the size of a flood by 10-25% (peak flow rate).

Explore Blue space

Find out more about how blue spaces can help urban systems, how they work with different challenges, and interact with diverse stakeholders.

Impact ranking

  1. Wellbeing
  2. Water flow management 
  3. Biodiversity
  4. Heat mitigation
  5. Water quality mitigation
  6. Carbon sequestration
  7. Noise mitigation 
  8. Air Pollution Removal

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