Inspired by Nature

We help people who plan, manage, and work in and around cities to bring back nature and quality to life in cities. By doing so, the air and water get fresher, food is closer to where we live & eat, sounds get softer, costs are reducing and cities get to be greener and more pleasant places to live.

We all get healthier and happier. So is the future.

We believe in:

Healthy people, nature and cities.
Healthy people Healthy nature Healthy cities

About Regreen project

The overall aim of REGREEN is to promote urban liveability, by systematically modelling and combining ecosystem services and biodiversity as the basis for nature-based solutions (NBS) that can be widely deployed by public and private actors.

Such NBS, underpinned by evidence-based tools and improved urban governance, will enable urban planners and policy makers to meet contemporary and future challenges, such as climate change resilience, public health and well-being and social inclusion.

Thereby REGREEN will accelerate the crucial transition toward equitable, green and healthy cities in both Europe and China.
REGREEN works through three Urban Living Labs (ULLs) in Europe and three in China.

Aarhus (DK), Ile de France (F) and Velika Gorica (CRO).
Beijing, Shanghai and Ningbo

REGREEN aims to substantially improve the evidence and tools supporting co-creation of NBS in urban settings, implemented in decision support systems for planning and governance, and developing business models for realising spatially relevant NBS, that provide multiple ecosystem services and wellbeing.

ULLs are a central element in the REGREEN concept, where co-creation of knowledge will involve local citizens, schools, businesses, organisations and public administrations enabling new forms of urban innovation.

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