Hybrid space

Linear features & routes


Main purpose:

Connectivity of transport and access

Services delivered:
Wellbeing, Air pollution removal, Biodiversity

Position of NBS in the city:
Through the city


Nature-Based Solutions with linear features provide transport services and access to public and private areas. Examples of linear nature-based solution features include cycle tracks, footpaths, and road verges. These areas can have multiple benefits such as mobility, pollution removal, biodiversity enhancement, water management, recreation, and education opportunities.

For many city dwellers, these areas are the only points of contact with nature on a daily basis, thus it is important to ensure proper maintenance and design of linear features and linear routes. 

Relevant facts

The figures that speak change!


700 species or 45% of total flora in the UK can be found on well-managed road verges.


In the UK, road verges are the only contact with nature on daily basis for 23 million commuters.