Hybrid space

Water flow management


Main purpose:

Water retention

Services delivered:
Water quality mitigation, Water flow management, Heat mitigation

Position of NBS in the city:
Near densely populated areas


This group of permeable nature-based solutions can reduce the urban heat island effect (such as pergola), slow down the water during runoff and prevent flooding.

There are different solutions such as permeable parking, roads, walkways, and paving. For example, permeable parking is a greener version of a conventional parking lot. Compared to traditional solutions, vegetation is used for stormwater management. They are characterized by grass and/or herb plantings. Traditional impervious solutions increase the impacts of Urban Heat Islands (UHI) and can contribute to water quality and stormwater issues. 

SUDS are also a solution for water flow management. They are ecosystem-based rainwater collection systems or water reuse systems that use plants and other components of an ecosystem as natural filters and drainage. Sustainable drainage can usefully complement traditional stormwater management in dense, urban areas served by combined sewers.

SUDS are a type of NBS that is effective in removing heavy metals such as total copper, and in reducing concentrations of total suspended solids and oils, but a more mixed picture emerges for the removal of bacteria, nutrients, and some heavy metals and chemicals such as dissolved lead and arsenic. 

SUDS include infrastructure as bioswales, biofilters, rain gardens, artificial floodplains, created wetlands.

Relevant facts

The figures that speak change!


During rain events, permeable parkings can absorb up to 77.5% of water.


Porous pavements prevent floods by reducing stormwater volume by 30 – 65%