Magda’s Gadren Križevci

NBS Type

  • Hybrid space

Challenges Adressed

  • Heat mitigation
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Biodiversity
  • Other health and wellbeing

Funding options

  • Public - city/municipality budget
  • Public - innovative use (mixed-cross sectoral)

Name of organisation

Križevci Municipality

Organisation type


Project status

Ongoing funding

About the project

Magda’s garden is a community garden by the Municipality leased to the citizens/gardeners. There are 37 parcels to lease and the rest of the land is for general use as an educational space, space for permanent planting (tree orchard, herb garden, self-sustaining meadow), composting space, etc. Garden is using only ecological practices only, without insecticides and chemicals.

Innovative steps

Garden plots are rented to citizens at low prices for a year. There is a rulebook for gardeners to follow, co-created with gardeners, and which is based on an understanding of ecological practices and vision for the space- not only a place of individual gardening but also as an educational space and biodiversity point in the urban area.

Technical specification

Size: 6.000 square meters; Layout: 37 citizen parcels per 50 square meters (1850 square meters) and general community space with composting stations, orchards, meadows, herb gardens, etc.