Hybrid space

Green roofs


Main purpose:

Roof cover and insulation

Services delivered:
Water flow management, Biodiversity, Air pollution removal

Position of NBS in the city:
Building roof


Green roofs mostly consist of a waterproofing layer, drainage system, filter cloth, root protection system, growth medium, and plants. They can be modular and easy to install. Green roofs offer a green alternative to conventional grey materials and offer multiple benefits for nature and wellbeing while extending the lifetime of the roof. 

In urban areas, green roofs are especially valuable since they hold water, purify the air, hold dust particles and provide spontaneous species with a medium to grow. Green roofs can be designed to enhance biodiversity at varying degrees depending on the choice of planted species and substrate depth. 

Relevant facts

The figures that speak change!


70% of spontaneous species were found on green roofs of the Paris region, France. 


Green roofs may reduce heating and cooling loads by up to 5kWh/m2 per year.