Multidisciplinary approach to sewage and storm water drainage

NBS Type

  • Hybrid space

Challenges Adressed

  • Water quality mitigation
  • Water flow management

Funding options

  • Public - city/municipality budget

Type of innovation

  • Technology

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About the project

A multidisciplinary approach to sewage and storm water drainage includes solutions that combine function aesthetics and usability they are planned with the cooperation of various stakeholders of urban planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and water management. Nazarova street was fully revitalized to meet the latest WSUDS standards. An alternative technical solution with more benefits was offered. There was a need to reduce massive stormwater load to the main channel and unused green areas needed maintenance 11 times per year while not offering any aesthetic values and recreational activities.

Innovative steps

Multidisciplinary approach manages to prevent flooding up flow, and positively influence entire eco-systems while being aesthetically pleasing bringing social value to the city.

Technical specification

In Pula integral approach to water management was estimated to be cheaper for 100,000 EUR.

Comparing peak flows in the downflow section there is a reduction of 400 l/at of peak flow.