Urban landscape revitalization Gradići

NBS Type

  • Green space with trees

Challenges Adressed

  • Biodiversity
  • Other health and wellbeing

Funding options

  • Public - city/municipality budget

Type of innovation

  • Collaboration & partnerships

Name of organisation

Initiative of Volunteer fire department and Local board Gradići

Organisation type


Project status

Ready for implementation

About the project

Lomnica stream was one of the main landscape characteristics of Gradići settlement. New regulation of watercourses left stream dry and water bed exposed to illegal waste disposal. Initiative of Volunteer fire department and Local board Gradići the revitalization was proposed to Administrative Department for Urbanism and Environmental Protection City of Velika Gorica and Faculty of Agronomy.

Innovative steps

A high participatory approach was created to use the former stream, plans were drafted by the Faculty of Agronomy true the iterative process together with citizens and different stakeholders. The competition was held at the faculty level to get the best conceptual solutions from students. 16 solutions emerged and 5 were chosen to go to the next phase.

Technical specification

First step was to clean the waste from the stream bed, then trees were planted, a pump track for cyclists was installed and a streworkout park. The revitalization was designed as a gathering place for citizens in their free time and occasional events. In the second phase different components will be built as a playground for children and young people, resting areas for the elderly, a space for the events, and walkways