Hasselager New Forest

NBS Type

  • Green space with trees

Challenges Adressed

  • Heat mitigation
  • Water flow management
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Biodiversity
  • Other health and wellbeing

Funding options

  • Private - companies

Type of innovation

  • Collaboration & partnerships

Name of organisation

City of Aarhaus

Organisation type


Project status

Monitoring results

About the project

The Multidisciplinary afforestation project in Hasselager was created as a part of the local city development. The idea was to plant a forest close to a new residential area to build green and recreational sites for the citizens.
The new forest will have a multifunctional purpose of city-close nature area, with trees, meadows, paths, and lakes which gives the citizens access to green and recreational content. For example, some areas have been designed with tree trunks that can be used as recreational areas for play, and as a habitat for insects, birds, etc.

Innovative steps

Citizens have participated in planning activities for the new forest and design with help of the municipality lead by the Nature and Water department in collaboration with the health department, citizens involvement department, children, and education department.
Trees that were planted received funding from the corporation Holmriis B8, which sells office furniture and was interested in donating trees for every piece of furniture they sell (5 trees per one piece of furniture).

Technical specification

The forest increases the value of nearby properties and enables real estate companies to make each cadastral smaller replacing conventional private gardens and lawns; this will enable making more real estate units. Current household owners will have prices of their real estate increased by having greenery in close vicinity and the municipality will attract new taxpayers to the city. (2021)