Go, Wheel The Park

NBS Type

  • Green space with trees

Challenges Adressed

  • Other health and wellbeing

Funding options

  • Public - loan

Type of innovation

  • Planning

Name of organisation

Faculty of forestry and wood technology

Organisation type


Project status

Ready for implementation

About the project

The project’s aim is to provide correct and detailed information on the possible independent movement of wheelchair users through the Maksimir Park to enable them longer and easier stay in the outdoors. The results designate zones where the wheelchair users can move independently, zones that they can access with help, and zones that are not accessible. The results of the project are maps that will show simple and clear mobility information to each wheelchair user as well as the list of the accessible objects. It will provide solutions that eliminate difficulties while moving through the park.

Innovative steps

Through this work, modern technologies have been used while establishing quality communication between people with disabilities in wheelchairs and the professionals, to achieve the availability of all facilities in the park to visitors. With a correct approach to this type of research, it is possible to use the methodology to determine the real possibilities of movement of people with disabilities in wheelchairs. Modern methods and instruments facilitate the measurement itself, faster access to field digital data with reduced possibility of error in processing and analyzing the final results giving a concrete application and conclusions.

Technical specification

Utilizing modern technology such as GNSS GPS and drones it is possible to achieve accurate measurement of the paths and vertical profiles. Further research will include detection of zones not accessible to wheelchair users, categorizing the foundation of the paths to provide easy self–navigation concerning slope, length of the inclined part of the path, and the materials used.
Members of the group HUPT (Croatian Association of Paraplegics and Quadriplegics) are included in the project, their ability to navigate independently is measured as well as their effort while overcoming different slope lengths. With constant heart rate measurement with the GARMIN Fenix 6 pro smartwatch.