Green space with trees

Riparian woodlands


Main purpose:

Significant landscape

Services delivered:
Water flow management, Water quality mitigation, Biodiversity

Position of NBS in the city:
By the large water bodies

About Riparian woodlands 

Riparian woodlands are linear nature-based solutions that occupy two ecosystems (water and soil). They enhance the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of a watercourse, with significant implications for biological productivity, including fish production. 

The root systems of riparian trees, particularly deep-rooting species manage to slow down the erosion of connected waterbodies. Riparian woodlands play a crucial role in flood control and biodiversity by producing a large amount of food for the bird population. 

Relevant facts

The figures that speak change!


Restauration of 1 km of Riparian woodland with 45 years can store about 16,217 tones carbon dioxide equivalents CO2e.


Shaded waterways have cooler water from 2 to 5 degrees Celsius than open streams providing better living conditions for the fish population.