Green space with trees



Main purpose:

Production of food & Decoration

Services delivered:
Wellbeing, Biodiversity, Water flow management

Position of NBS in the city:
Roofs, public spaces & private land


Gardens are described as peace of land used for growing vegetables, flowers, shrubs, or other herbs. Gardens play an important role in urban ecosystems, reducing climate change effects, increasing biodiversity, and offering cultural benefits for communities. Gardens can be categorized as shared common garden areas, roof gardens, private gardens, and balcony gardens. 

Being a multifunctional nature-based solution, they provide food for city dwellers, prevent flood events, and create a pleasant microclimate. Gardens can also provide their users with leisure, recreation, social cohesion, education on biodiversity, and the importance of sustainable food production.

Relevant facts

The figures that speak change!


95% of people state their mood improved spending time outside, and 2/3 people choose a natural setting to overcome stress.


Gardening proves to lower body mass index by burning form 250-500 calories per hour.