Schlosser Park Križevci

NBS Type

  • Green space with trees

Challenges Adressed

  • Air pollution removal
  • Noise mitigation
  • Heat mitigation
  • Water flow management
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Biodiversity
  • Other health and wellbeing

Funding options

  • Public - city/municipality budget
  • Public - (co)-funding

Type of innovation

  • Ecology

Name of organisation

Križevci Municipality

Organisation type


Project status

Ongoing funding

About the project

The basic concept of this park aims to create a zone of relaxation, rest, and a break from stress while connecting all the important directions of movement of passers-by so that the park would not be an obstacle, but the transport link between the railway station, the main road, and city center. The park in Tomislavova includes a total of 23 plant species, mostly trees, and perennials. They are repeated in a flat, two-dimensional form on herbarium slabs in the southern part of the park.

Innovative steps

The design of the park is made to divide the park into three parts that are visually separated by slight elevations creating zones of intimacy. The first part will have 26 concrete slabs on which will perform illustrations of herbarium leaves with a legend that highlights the plant species. The second part will have a water source for summer cooling and the third will serve as a relaxing point. Park is connected with different path materials (from granite to wood) to divide the spaces and has a special thematic herbarium.

Technical specification

The size of the park is 10.000 square meters. Contains 23 plant species (some, during the winter months, have spikes or dried flowers for aesthetics and also drought-resistant plants).