United Kingdom

Road Verge Campaign

NBS Type

  • Green space with few trees

Challenges Adressed

  • Biodiversity
  • Other health and wellbeing

Funding options

  • Private - donation

Type of innovation

  • Ecology

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Project status

Ongoing funding

About the project

There are nearly 313,500 miles of roads in UK that prove to be important part of wildlife. Establishing ecological networks to support the recovery of nature is a priority for government. When managed well, road verges, whether rural or urban and whether on major or minor roads, can sustain an astonishing amount of wildlife: more pollinators are found on well-managed verges than in the neighbouring countryside and nearly 45% of our total flora is found on verges.

Technical specification

Using different maintenance approach to road verges can vastly improve biodiversity.
As for now…

700 species of wild flower grow on road verges – nearly 45% of our total flora – but there has been a 20% drop in floral diversity due to poor management and nutrient pollution.

For 23 million commuters, road verges can be their only daily contact with nature.