Green space with few trees

Non-sealed area

Main purpose:

Public amenities

Services delivered:
Water flow management, Water quality mitigation, Biodiversity

Position of NBS in the city:
Can be found near the city centre and connected to other greenery in the city.


Non-sealed areas help with water flow management while preventing floods and enhancing water quality. They are also an important area for biodiversity serving as a living space for small mammals, and as a feeding ground for insects and birds. Other vegetated urban areas include lower vegetation such as grass, heathland, and semi-natural vegetation. 

Heathlands can contain taller vegetation than grass such as Heathers, Gorse, and Silver Birch. Grass usually grows in groups and it can be found naturally, but heathland and semi-natural vegetation are usually man-made or products of human activity predominantly grazing or logging. 

Relevant facts

The figures that speak change!


Grass valleys can have a biodiversity index from 10 to 20 if sustainable mowing practices are employed. 


Lawns can reduce air temperature by 0.5 degrees C and help mitigate urban heat islands.