Križevci green roof

NBS Type

  • Other

Challenges Adressed

  • Air pollution removal
  • Heat mitigation
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Biodiversity
  • Other health and wellbeing

Funding options

  • Public - city/municipality budget

Type of innovation

  • Ecology

Name of organisation

Križevci Municipality

Organisation type


Project status


About the project

This project is an answer to the excess use of the concrete on the main square by the previous mandate and as such, it became a heat island. Unfortunately, the square is under conservation protection/intellectual property of the architect. The only possible NBS measure to mitigate the urban heat island was to build a green roof as an alternative to common green surfaces on the main square done in collaboration with local stakeholders. This is the first step of further alternative greening of the main square which bypasses the conservatorship limitations.

Innovative steps

The project was done in collaboration with local stakeholders. It is an alternative approach to the common greening of spaces as it doesn’t affect the existing infrastructure and the intellectual property of the pavilion itself or the main square or the visual design.

Technical specification

Predicted plant layer: Sedum (lat.)
Type of maintenance: minimal
The total height of the layers is 12.5 cm, of which the height of the substrate is 7.5 cm.
Unit weight saturated with water and green approx. 154kg/m2, water storage capacity approx. 47L/m2.