Agricultural Risk Metrics, ARM-SaaS Tool for the needs of Farmers

NBS Type

  • Other

Challenges Adressed

  • Other health and wellbeing

Funding options

  • Public - EU funding
  • Private - companies

Type of innovation

  • Technology

Name of organisation

University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture

Organisation type


Project status

Ready for implementation

About the project

Agriculture Risk Metrics (ARM) is a database, platform, and web-based portal designed to assist agricultural stakeholders in better understanding and evaluating crop production risks, with particular attention to the impact of climate change. In the workshops within the project, farmers test the current ARM version and participate in the co-design of the platform.

Innovative steps

– Surveying among farmers in Croatia about current ARM functionalities
– Conceptualization of necessary features for ARM for farmers
– Development of a business plan for ARM for farmers
– Technical implementation of new features
– User-assessment of new ARM product co-designed with farmers